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  • Physical Activity Squirrel Icon

    Physical Activity Map

    Check out the Physical Activity Map for campus and community parks, gyms, pools, clubs, routes, trails, classes and much more to help you stay healthy and active!

  • Nap Map

    Nap Map

    There are lots of places to nap on the UC Davis campus. Here at Health Education and Promotion, we've done the research for you! Here are the best places to nap on campus, as chosen by YOU!

  • Fruit and Veggie Map

    Fruit and Veggie Map

    Interested in increasing your daily servings of yummy fruits and vegetables? Visit our Fruit and Vegetable Map on the Davis Wiki and find the grocery stores, farmer’s markets and vegetable stands close to you.

  • Condom Map

    Condom Map

    The Condom & Sexual Health Resources Map is your go-to source for safer sex products and HIV/STI testing services when The Love Lab is not available.

  • H2O Station Map

    H2O Station Map

    Water is important because it plays a vital role in keeping you healthy. At UC Davis, it's easy to stay hydrated! Check out one of the many H2O stations around campus.